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Blockage Monitor with Chaff


CHAFFsense™ is a completely integrated and automatic Chaff monitor; using multiple electronic eyes at the rear of any harvesting device to detect residue build-

up or excessive flow. (patent pending). 

The Chaff Sense monitors the flow of product in the specficied area; sounding an alarm when excessive flow/blockages occur which breaks the beam.

On hearing the alarm sound, operators can stop promptly, allowing the

blockage to clear or can

shut-down to completely clear the build-up of material.


Sensor placement varies depending on chopper operation, and wind conditions.


Whats included

  • 12v Cigarette Lighter and 1.5m Cable

  • 2x 15m of insulated cabling from monitor to sensors

  • CHAFFsense™ Sensors

  • Cab Monitor

  • Mounting Brackets

RRP $1310 Excl



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Reduce Down-Time and wear on upstream components

Ease the pressure of operation let CHAFFsense™ do the work; Detecting blockages within 0.5 of a second. 



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